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Fennec & Wolf translates directly to ‘desert fox’ – a fitting description to the life behind such artist. With his roots stemming from North Africa’s Tunisia, he later headed to Europe at the age of 10 alongside his four siblings to create a new future. Being the youngest of four, the different musical genres that he was exposed to from each family member only catalysed the musical creation and opened doors to push boundaries in the productions he delivers today.

DJing took a hold of him in his later teenage years spinning a selection of Hip-Hop, which then lead to the production element being introduced. Time in the studio has seen the genres evolve and shift, over the years moving away from the urban sounds, to the present day offering up deep and emotional house orientated beats. Rolling drums and empowering melodic lines are key elements to a Fennec & Wolf production, giving him an instantly recognisable sound and one that is also portrayed throughout the Incroyable Music family.

The home for such releases has always been under the Incroyable Music umbrella, of which Fennec & Wolf co-founded back in 2015 and has already offered five EP’s to the imprint, many of which have landed himself firmly within the Beatport Top 100 Charts. This portfolio has grabbed the attention of the heavy weight editorials, with the likes of Mixmag having their say, plus mixtapes on Pioneer DJ Radio and on Deep House London.

His DJing career has seen him take behind the decks on a global scale, playing on both the club and festival scene in the likes of France, Italy, Morocco, Turkey Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, USA and his resident country Germany.



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